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Jiaxing Heng Yee Technology Company Limited
Add:Jiaxing science and Technology Park building 314 room
Contact Person:Zhang Jiali
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Jiaxing Heng Yee Technology Co.,Ltd
Home rehabilitation network ( http://www.hy-care.com ) using advanced Internet technology, for patients with stroke to provide unique and rehabilitation physicians interactive remote rehabilitation training and assessment, is convenient in patients to family or community of the impaired limb rehabilitation training. If you and your relatives of stroke patients, please join the home rehabilitation network, we wholeheartedly to assist patients in rehabilitation, the patient an early realization of daily life, return to the society. The company now formally entered into large-scale production promotion phase, plans to complete the first 20000000 program, with the hope that the strategic investment entrepreneurs and financial institutions to discuss cooperation. Company contact person: Zhang Jiali 0573-82750280
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