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Magnetic induction split discharge lamp
Supplier JiaXing Long Kings Lighting Technology CO.,LTD
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Export Area Global
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JiaXing Long Kings Lighting Technology CO.,LTD, located in High-tech Economic Development Zone in TongXiang of ZheJiang province, is a high-tech enterprise which integrates research and development, production with sales for producing quality magnetic induction lamp and CCFL lighting. The company owns a number of senior professionals in magnetic induction, electric, and light source, and possessing first-class production lines and testing equipment. It also maintains close cooperation with well-known universities such as Institute of Electrical Optical of FuDan University; college of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, ZheJiang Industrial University as well as Materials Research Center, Shanghai University. All these make the company’s magnetic induction lighting technology close to international advanced level. Established in 2001, the Soft Ferrite Technology Laboratory of the company began the research and development of the Magnetic induction lamp and CCFL lighting from 2004. The company now has five national patents in soft magnetic induction lamp technology, and Combing with similar foreign technologies and products, which form an independent intellectual property rights system of magnetic induction lamp products. Our products have passed CE, FCC, ROHS and the test of other international authoritative certification and departments of State authority. Widely applied to urban roads, industrial and mining enterprises, classroom, hotel lighting, and other fields, the products have been highly recognized in the market. Maintaining the "open and above board, quality life" mission, with technological research and development as the leading role, quality-oriented, Long Kings Lighting will produce a new generation of high-quality light source, thus making your life more wonderful and colorful.
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