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jWotch Classic
Supplier Jiaxing JXJ Technologies Co., LTD
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Export Area Global
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iPreCare USA is a subsidiary company of JXJ Technologies Inc., located in Georgia, USA. It is a high-tech enterprise which targets at researching and developing electronic medical care products and remote health service platform for preventing cardiovascular diseases of the elderly. iPreCare integrates core technology R&D, business solutions, unified communications, and after-sale services to guide international tide and serve numerous users. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of a health-oriented smart watch to help the elderly prevent cardiovascular diseases. The smart watch is called jWotch, which is a kind of remote health monitoring and tracking device, integrating the functions of mobile phone, watch, positioning, giving the alarm and health data detection as a whole. jWotch can conduct real-time monitoring on users’ physiological parameters, and then data will be sent to database for storage and analysis through wireless communication. Any abnormal situation happens to the users, it will give an early warning. With modern life sensing technology and the Internet of Things, the project jWotch is the achievement of joint efforts under Dr. Xiang, President and CEO of the company, and his team in the last 5 years. Besides the product jWotch, the company focuses on establishing a health service platform to offer high-quality service for numerous users. The platform has functions of health information management and medical health consultation. It makes possible for users to consult experts on cardiovascular diseases at anytime or anyplace. And meanwhile, the cardiovascular analysis software of the health management center will constantly analyze the history detected data of users. If there is any unusual data, the users will get timely warning information. Our company puts the concept of “Dedication, Wisdom, Credit, Quick, Cooperation and Gratitude” into practice, making concerted efforts to seek the development. Our highest goal is to let the life sensor technology to benefit all the people and all the human life in such an era of Internet of Things tide. And our short-term goal is to become a “sensing life expert” by developing the watch-style remote health monitoring and tracking series products. Based on the advantages of iPreCare sensing life platform and other modern communications technologies, these series products do provide the intelligent health and safety management service for users, reducing the restrictions of time, space and equipments to the full extend.
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jWotch Classic
jWotch Classic
jWotch Classic
jWotch Classic
jWotch Classic
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