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Acrylic fluorinated esters
Supplier Jiaxing Runbo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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Export Area Global
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Jiaxing Runbo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in July, 2009 as an industrial company affiliated to Jiaxing Center of Green Chemistry and Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company are based on strong strength of research and development and talent advantage from that the Green Chemical Engineering Center and Chengdu Organic Chemical Research Institution of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It focuses on developing the new environment-protection technology and equipment, safety green chemical technology and advanced materials of three directions of the test research and achievement industrialization. Jiaxing Runbo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has sent up a team centering on doctor and master which has high quality, high technology and rich engineering experience. It equipped with the advanced instruments and perfect pilot production and industrial base station, it received and carried out many science and technology projects from the state,province,city and district. It owned nearly 20 independent intellectual property products. It went through ISO9000 quality management system certification in Oct, 2011. Jiaxing Runbo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. keeps the culture concepts of which: as life should be honesty, cooperation and challenging; as work should be seriously, insistent and innovative. It also advocates the core competitiveness of Vigor and Cohesion.
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